Senior Results from the Last Home and Away Round
Date of Event : Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:50PM

The last home and away games have now been completed; here are the results from last Saturday:

1st XI FTG 5/205 from 36 overs def Belgrave 7/204(cc) from 40 overs. J Evans 2/35 from 8, P Mastertoun 1/24 from 8, H Brown 1/28 from 7, A Catalano 1/32 from 4, T Parker 1/41 from 8, B Galvin 58, J Evans 44*, P Mastertoun 31*, H Brown 27 and C Buckland 19. Ladder Position: 4th. Semi Final versus Knoxfield at Carrington Park (yet to be confirmed), Knoxfield on Saturday and Sunday.

2nd XI Belgrave 6/168(cc) off 40 overs def by FTG 4/170 off 37.3 overs. J Bradbury 2/18 from 5, R Evans 2/30 from 8, N Hughes 1/23 from 8, L Hodgson 1/23 from 7, M Catalano 73*, J Bradbury 43, J Dennis 20 and J Delaney 12*. Ladder Postion: 1st. Semi Final versus Eildon Park at Dobson Park 1 (yet to be confirmed), on Saturday and Sunday.

3rd XI Lysterfield 5/167(cc) from 40 overs def FTG 9/151(cc) from 40 overs. P Cole 2/30 from 8, R Mangold 1/7 from 5, H Coles 1/50 from 7, G Salan 67, P van Dyk 15*, L Smith 14, H Coles 12 and H Watycha 10*. Ladder Position: 5th. Missed finals by one win.

4th XI Knoxfield 4/310(cc) from 35 overs def FTG 8/236(cc) from 35 overs. J North 2/44 from 5, D North 1/43 from 4, D Reed 1/44 from 4, D Carter 100* (Retired), J North 66 and D Pallege 23. Ladder Position: 5th. Missed finals by one win.

5th XI FTG def Boronia Churches by forfeit. Ladder Position: 2nd. Semi Final versus St Johns Tecoma at Dobson Park 2 on Saturday.

Please get out and support the teams, if you can on Saturday and Sunday, as we try and progress towards the Grand Final!

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